Tło Warmia-Masuria

Masurian Landscape Park

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It was created in December 1977 to preserve the natural, cultural and historical values ​​of this area. Within the Park's borders there is the largest lake in Poland - Śniardwy and the northern part of the Piska Forest together with the Krutynia River (one of the most interesting canoeing routes in Europe). It covers parts of the municipalities: Piecki, Mrągowo, Świętajno, Ruciane Nida, Mikołajki, Orzysz and Pisz. Its area is 53 655 ha, and the protection zone is 18 608 ha. It is one of the largest landscape parks in Poland. The area of ​​forests is 29 thousand. ha, while rivers and lakes occupy 18 thousand. ha. It contains 60 lakes and 11 nature reserves, including the Łuknajno Lake biosphere reserve. It contains a great wealth of the world of plants and animals, the abundance of forests, peat bogs, lakes and flowing waters. When it comes to fauna, we can meet, among others: wolves, elks, beavers, otters and over 200 species of birds, among them bittern, bittern, black stork, red-breasted eagle, goldeneye, merganser, white-tailed eagle, lesser spotted eagle, osprey, corncrake, hoopoe, eagle owl, kingfisher, kingfisher, whiskers, white-necked flycatcher and nutcracker. The headquarters of the Park is located in a historic wooden building in the center of the village of Krutyń. Preparations to create part of the current Masurian National Park Landscape have been underway for several years.


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Address: Krutyń 66 , 11-710 Piecki