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Ełk Lakeland and its attractions


The Ełk Lakeland is known primarily as the Stork Land. It is the numerous stork nests that are the biggest attraction of this area and they occur here in such an amount that they have become the object of interest not only of ornithologists, but also of ordinary tourists. Here, on the eastern edge...

Charms of old cities - Olsztyn


When choosing to Masuria it is worth stopping in Olsztyn - the most important city in the Olsztyn Lake District. The old town and the Castle of the Warmian Chapter are objects that deserve the attention of tourists. The history of Olsztyn begins in the fourteenth century, when a defensive...

In the footsteps of the Teutonic Knights - on the border of Masuria and Mazovia


There are many interesting places and tourist attractions on the border of Mazovia and Mazury. What is worth seeing here? Be sure to visit these places that are related to history and important historical events. Here, first of all, is the place of the famous battle of Grunwald. Today, the Grunwald...

Attractions of the Giżycko Lake District


Masuria is a beautiful and extremely rich land that has been tempting tourists and sailors for years to relax right here on the Great Lakes. And although for many of us, Masuria is a unified land, in fact the Masurian Lake District consists of several slightly smaller and less known as separate...

Mikołajki - the Masurian capital


The Great Masurian Lake District is a paradise for lovers of lakes, beaches, beautiful nature and water sports. Watermen and adventurers have long especially liked this picturesque corner of Poland as a place for holiday trips. Of all the tourist and recreational towns in the Great Masurian Lake...

Kętrzyn and its attractions


Warmia and Mazury is a land full of interesting monuments, among which the specific and also the most attractive group are the Teutonic castles. One of the most interesting Teutonic castles can be seen in the city on the edge of the Great Lakes Land. This city is Kętrzyn, which visitors to Warmia...

Wild Animals Park


The park was founded by dr Andrzej Krzywiński. It covers an area of ​​100 ha and is located in the Piska Forest (in the Masurian Landscape Park, on the route between the towns of Ruciane-Nida and Mikołajki). Its purpose is to preserve extinct animal species and enable visitors to learn about...